Transpersonal Counseling Psychology


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Transpersonal Counseling Psychology is sometimes referred to as the intersection of psychology and spirituality. The term "transpersonal" breaks down into the parts "trans," meaning across or beyond, and "personal" meaning the individual human being. Taken together these parts point towards the transpersonal as an experience of moving beyond the personal ego and towards a broader human experience.  For some this may look like a traditional experience of spirituality or religion in the context of psychotherapy, for others this may manifest as a deeper connection to self and other beyond the confines of the personalty. 
An example of this may be a client who experiences for the first time the feeling of safety and contentment in their body. They lose the sense of being on guard, of protecting, and can actually see the beauty of the plant in the office without all the chatter and judgment that is their constant companion. 

The above experience, while seemingly ordinary, can feel quite transformative to the individual who lives their life from an anxious or hypercritical place. This experience, to the individual, is transformative and moves them beyond the confines of their ego into the broader human experience of the here and now. From this place true connection to their inner self and connection to others seems effortless and natural, something the client longed for yet could not experience in their day to day life. Transpersonal Counseling Psychology allows for this event to be integrated as an experience of health and allows for the client to make meaning of the session as they see fit. 

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