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You lie awake at night wondering: "Why did I say that?" "Why did he/she say that?" "What is wrong with me?" "Will I ever be ok?" "Everyone else has this all figured out, why don't I?" "How come no one wants to be with me?" "Will this anxiety/depression ever lift?" And so many other intrusive thoughts. You realize you're thinking these thoughts all day, but at night they really catch up with you. In the morning your thoughts wake you up and the barrage begins anew, always the same words, invoking the same hopeless and helpless feelings.  You do what you can just to get out of bed wondering how life got so hard.

You know that if you had a better job, a better partner (or any partner!), a better kid, a better childhood, less trauma, a sexier body, nicer clothes, or more money then you would be ok.  And yet when you get some of these things, or you can distract yourself sufficiently enough, the happiness is fleeting. Again you come back to that same lonely and hopeless place which seems like a constant companion.  

The Solution:

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Don't give up hope, you are not alone! There is a solution. So many people have experienced these same feelings and thoughts, and I have seen many find a solution which leads to lasting peace, happiness, and freedom of mind and body. The beginning of this process starts with awareness, acknowledging and accepting that you want something different. Then naming the deep fear which arises and says you will never break the cycle you've found yourself in.  I'm not talking about positive affirmations or a change in outlook, which can help, but about deep transformation that comes from deep inside you. A change at the foundation of your being, radically altering your view of life and of yourself.

Again let me stress you are not alone in what you struggle with and what you feel. We have a tendency in our culture to compare our insides to other people's outsides and in the process lose every time. If you are craving real connection, authentic relationships, and at the same time feel scared of those connections then you are experiencing a common human paradox: We were wounded in relationship to others and often find the greatest healing through identification and connection with others i.e. through relationship. 

Will this work for me?


You may have objections at this point, or at least concerns. Such as: "This may work for someone else, but not for me." "I have already tried this therapy stuff and it does not work." "You don't really know how hard it is, no one knows how hard it is." or "My wife/husband/partner is making me get help and I really don't want it!" These are just some of the common reservations about heading down a path that will involve introspection, awareness, and growth. Yet, a small part of you does believe this could work for you or you wouldn't have read this far! Acknowledge these objections/fears/reservations and know they are part of the process of any new venture. 

Karolina Walsh, M.A.

My path as a natural teacher and healer led me to Naropa University to pursue a degree in counseling with an emphasis in trauma, addictions, grief, depression, and anxiety. Please see the "What people are saying" page to get a feel for others first hand experience of my therapeutic rapport, competence, and passion for this work. I bring a strong body-centered background to my work which reaps benefits for my clients as they begin to find resourcing and enjoyment through their body, mind, and emotional connection. My unique view of life, from a place of gentleness, compassion, and excitement for growth appeals to many of my clients who want to get on with the business of living not just surviving.   


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