Sensorimotor Psychotherapy



Sensorimotor Psychotherapy is a body-orientated talking therapy that is used in the treatment of trauma, attachment, and developmental issues. Some of the foundational principles of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy are encapsulated in mind/body unity, curiosity, and compassion for self and other. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy works with two manifestations of trauma either developmental trauma (trauma that occurred over a period of time that hindered normal emotional developmental progress), or single events that the body/mind perceived as life threatening and was unable to escape and/or defend from. 

When working in the realm of trauma it is important to allow the process to unfold naturally as the health of the individual comes to the surface. In the Sensorimotor trauma model, as in most trauma models, the process begins at symptom reduction and resourcing, onto processing of traumatic memory, then finishing with integration. Each individual is unique and comes to the process with different histories and strengths thus the exact way each person travels this path will be their own, but will follow a specific outline creating a sense of container and safety for the experience.


Check out this short video below from Pat Ogden, founder of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, as she describes a brief case illustrating resourcing from a Sensorimotor perspective.