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Counseling and psychotherapy has been sought out by many people for various reasons for many years. These people who are seeking therapy are often encountering a challenging time in their lives and are looking for further assistance than they receive from family or friends.  Most people who come to see me are in a time of transition, or finding themselves stuck with a particular issue in their life. Regardless of what you are working with you may know that feeling of being stuck and the hopelessness that can come that. You may be laying awake at night plagued by worry or frustration with your situation. All the advice from friends and family may not be helpful and may actually feel confusing to you. If you are wondering if there is another way to live and other options you have not explored then you are in the right place. Or if you are feeling totally hopeless then maybe it is time to try something that is out of your comfort zone. 

I am here to offer my experience, training, and time to help you find a way to get unstuck. I don't have a magic wand, or a secret cure, but I do have something more valuable. I have the experience, and courage, to walk this path with you and meet you where you are at. From that place we can discover tools that work for you and uncover the wisdom of your body and mind to find your unique path. You may not think that therapy will work for you, or that if you just tried harder then you will come up with a solution on your own. You may be right! Often insight and awareness can change us on fundamental levels, and if you don't think therapy will help then it probably won't! But if you are willing to try something new and reach out for help then you may open yourself up to possibilities you never thought of and a way of living you didn't think was possible.

I have been working in the therapeutic field for 9 years, have grown much, and have learned much. My hope is to share my experience, training, and passion with my clients to assist them on this journey of healing. Please click here to check out the "What people are saying" tab to hear others impression of my presence and skills. And if you have any questions please email me or call me via my contact page.