What People are Saying


Karolina walks her talk, her ability to meet another in their capacities is sensational because she has done her own work
— Diane Israel, MA
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The two most striking qualities I have noted about Karolina are her intuition and her innate desire to be helpful to another human being. Both of these attributes make her uniquely well suited to the role of psychotherapist. I would recommend her to those who are seeking a more holistic – mind, body, spirit – approach to healing. You will not be disappointed.
— Julie Rimkus, MA, LAC
An effective therapist needs to do at least two things: be compassionate and provide constructive feedback that actually changes the way people experience the world. I see many therapists who can do one or the other. I routinely watch Karolina do both. As a co-assistant with Karolina in trainings of therapists specializing in body centered psychotherapy, having watched her clinical skills, I highly recommend Karolina Walsh.
— Patrick Weeg, LISW
Karolina is by far one of the best therapists I have ever encountered including my educational and professional experiences. She is kind, patient, compassionate, calming, and can guide imagery and experience in a way that is profoundly comforting as well as challenging.
— Ryan Panaro, M.A. LCSW
Many people don’t know that the transformative power of therapy is dependent upon a simple dynamic: safe relationship. I have worked very closely with Karolina over the past four years, and would be hard pressed to recommend someone who understands that truth better. Karolina provides the kind of care, insight, and skill that continually changes lives.
— Andra Paras, MA
The ongoing work I’m doing with Karolina has become an essential resource for my self-discovery. Every session meets me where I’m at, and her authenticity and patience invite me to connect with myself in new, healing ways. She is like a gentle sherpa, skillfully leading me through the unfamiliar or uncomfortable places in each session with kindness and compassion.
— Client