#013 - Number One Marketing Tip for Therapists and Helping Professionals

I was talking with a friend the other day and she was asking me what marketing I am doing that was allowing my practice to grow so much. She being a therapist in private practice wanted to see what she could do to boost her client base. As I reflected on her question I realized I had done no direct marketing over the last 4-5 months. Yet my practice was feeling lively, sustainable, and new people were coming in on a regular basis. So what was going on that clients were coming in, staying, and feeling like good fits?

What I immediately realized was that I was working my ass off in my personal life. I had some situations arise where life was inviting me to turn and face some blocks that have been limiting my ability to give and receive love.  I, being somewhat naive, saw this opportunity for growth and love and dived right in, thank God I did! I came face to face with my attachment style, yet again, and lets just say that was painful. I became extremely intimate with fear, panic, and doubt.  I did the best I could at every turn to move more and more towards the God of my understanding, towards people who were showing up with love, to cultivate practices that supported my process, and continued seeing my clients. This was and still continues to be what I am doing.  I don't have a happy ending about how I’m all securely attached now and my fears, doubts, and pain have fallen away like trees shed leaves in the fall.  But I have developed a deeper level of compassion for what it is like to be human on this earth, and that makes one hell of a difference with my clients.

I feel all my emotions, the yummy ones and the terrifying ones, with more awareness. I am less afraid of what goes on inside of me. I am learning how to be present and accepting of those things that are, at this point, unresolvable. This was and is by no means graceful, but it has made me a better conduit for the healing that happens in my therapy office. I am less likely to stop my clients in their process because I have more insight into my own. Because there is less fear towards the deeper parts of myself I don't have to unconsciously stop my clients from going to their darker places. And here’s the deal: Those dark places is where the light is too, it’s where the gold is buried, it’s a major doorway to receiving the love we all long for and deserve. This applies to the work our clients do and to the personal work we do, which I have come to believe are intricately connected.   

So therapist and helping professionals out there here is a suggestion: If your practice is feeling stagnant or needs a boost get into therapy. Turn towards the rough edges of your life and see what’s there. Rather than finding a soft comfortable spot to view the world from step out into it, listen where life is knocking on your door and answer it.